At the Solutions Group KC, our real estate agents are licensed with Keller Williams. This provides two distinct advantages.

First, our agents have access to best-in-industry training and technology. We specialize in every area of real estate – residential, commercial, luxury, farm & ranch, and international.

Second, KW’s agent-centric approach allows us to refer deals, exchange information, share profits and develop methods collaboratively – without upper management or third parties getting in the way.

If you have multiple types of real estate, you can save valuable time by using our services. With TSGKC, One Call Sells It All!

KW’s technology and training give our agents the knowledge and skills to represent you fairly in the buying and selling of residential real estate.

Top-tier homes demand top-notch presentation to convey the unique qualities that make them special. Our licensed agents specialize in connecting these properties to the luxury and ultra-luxe buyers who want them.

Farm, ranch, and land is a specialty market requiring different knowledge and systems. We have the experience and know-how to sell your unique property. 

We are a licensed Keller Williams Commercial brokerage. Our Commercial agents have the expertise to secure the sale, purchase, or lease that you are looking for.

Keller Williams Worldwide operates in more than 35 regions and is home to over 7,450 international agents operating outside of the United States and Canada. This, combined with KW’s agent-centric approach to referrals and profit sharing, allows us to connect markets without having the margins scooped out by a corporate ladder. 

Contact us for any of our offered real estate services, or to become a business partner.

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