Director of Receiverships and Foreclosures

Robert H. Tucker

Mr. Tucker is a seasoned executive with a broad range of diversified experience growing businesses and departments, and a proven track record of success contributing to corporate expansion and profitability. He has 38 years of experience in property management and business management.

An overview of Mr. Tucker’s business experience:

– R.E.I.T management experience for R.E.I.T.s based in New York, Dallas, and Kansas City
– $60M total management of real estate developments such as the 200 villa project in the Legends
– State and Federal court experience
– working with law firms and banks as a receiver
– consulted and managed businesses for Gulf & Western companies, Ruffin companies and
insurance companies, as well as the Olympic Committee.
– Management of commercial properties including apartments, office buildings, shopping centers/retail storage, self-storage, convenience stores, motels/hotels
– Operating businesses including an oil production company, a land title/escrow company, a cattle feed yard, and a school bus company
– worked for the Coors Brewery and the National Brewery who owned the Baltimore Colt football team, Oriole baseball team, Bay hockey and soccer teams, and the Bullitt basketball team