Why an Auction vs A Traditional Real Estate Listing

Our proven online marketing program surfaces the maximum number of potential buyers and generate intense interest in the assets we sell for our clients. The online-only or live auction methods creates excitement and urgency among those who will ultimately compete to own those assets.

Fully Transparent Process

Maximize Value Through Competitive Bidding

Eliminate Contract Negotiations

Establish Your Own Sale Timeline

Seller Pays 0% of Commission

True Market Value

Maximum Market Penetration

Optimal Market Value on a Set Timeline with Maximum Return

Official Auctions, Inc.

We partner with Official Auctions, Inc. to sell of all types of real estate as well as federal, state & local government, corporate, institutional, fleet and personal assets ranging from heavy equipment to business liquidations and estate sales. We are uniquely poised to offer the resources of our extensive experience, convenient location, multi-media marketing and personal attention to the details of every auction we conduct.